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Multiwavelength Astronomical Data, Analysis, Visualization ...

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Multiwavelength Astronomical Data, Analysis, Visualization and the Virtual Observatory

IUCAA, Pune, February 16, 2015 (Pre-ASI 2015 workshop)

Coordinators: Ajit Kembhavi and Ranjeev Misra

Speakers: Will mainly be from IUCAA

More Details:
IUCAA will pay for meals and other related expenses for the workshop. It is expected that accommodation will be provided by the organisers of the ASI meeting.

At present, the volume and quality of astronomical data from various state of the art facilities is unprecedented in history and these are expected to significantly increase in the next decade. Moreover, it is being understood that significant breakthroughs in our understanding of astronomical sources will require multi-wavelength study across the electro-magnetic spectrum as well as from precise information regarding the temporal behavior of these sources. This raises new challenges in selecting, visualizing, analyzing and finally interpreting the data, that can only be met through non-conventional techniques which will require astronomers to have different skill sets than what were traditionally known.

The workshop will introduce the participants to these challenges and some basic understanding of how they will be met by new analysis and data handling techniques such as those provided by the Virtual Observatory. The introduction will be done through real life case studies, where such techniques have been used to solve intractable problems in astronomical data handling leading to important scientific results. These case studies will cover examples from different contexts, such as galaxy morphology studies, rare object detection and astronomical classification. The workshop will also provide inputs as to how an astronomer who may not be an expert in each of the multiple wavelengths being considered (such as optical and X-ray ), can still successfully analyze and interpret multi-wavelength data.

The workshop will be for one day and will have lectures and hands-on sessions. The target audience would be Ph.d students/Postdocs and young faculties.


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