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1 A Pavan Kumar ASI2015_759 IUCAA, Pune Recovering hidden signals of anisotropy from CMB maps and trist with mask Poster
2 A R Rao ASI2015_558 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
3 A. N. Ramaprakash ASI2015_942 IUCAA
4 A. Raghunathan ASI2015_698 Raman Research Institute Investigation of Techniques to Detect Cosmological Backgrounds Oral
5 Abhay Karnataki ASI2015_401 Alumni of IIA
6 Abhishek Johri ASI2015_438 NCRA Radio Recombination Line emission from Galactic star forming regions Poster
7 Abir Sarkar ASI2015_647 Raman Research Institute How Late can the Dark Matter form in our universe? Poster
8 Aditi Agarwal ASI2015_694 ARIES, NAINITAL Multi-band Radio Cross-correlated Variability of the Blazar 3C 454.3 Poster
9 Aditya J N H S ASI2015_480 NCRA Cold gas in flat spectrum sources at high redshifts Poster
10 Ajanta Datta ASI2015_497 HKBK College of Engineering, Bangalore./IIA B High Frequency Dynamics of Braided Coronal Magnetic Structures as seen from Hi-c Poster
11 Ajay Kumar Tiwari ASI2015_1030 IISER PUNE
12 Ajay Vibhute ASI2015_820 IUCAA, Pune
13 Ajit K. Kembhavi ASI2015_1037 IUCAA
14 Akanksha Tiwary ASI2015_999 Pune University
15 Akshay Dattaprasad Sant ASI2015_496 TE Electrical
16 Akshay S ASI2015_743 IISER Pune, India Automated characterisation of weak solar bursts in the MWA data Poster
17 Alain Omont ASI2015_950 IAP Paris
18 Ananda Hota ASI2015_378 UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences Progress report on RAD@home Astronomy Collaboratory, India (#RADathomeindia #ABCDresearch) Poster
19 Anandmayee Tej ASI2015_927 IIST
20 Ananta Charan Pradhan ASI2015_559 National Institute of Technology, Rourkela The GALEX observations of Planetary Nebulae. Poster
21 Anil Bhardwaj ASI2015_1038 SPL, VSSC
22 Anil K. Pandey ASI2015_933 ARIES, Nainital
23 Anindita Mondal ASI2015_922 S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences
24 Annapurni Subramaniam ASI2015_885 Indian Institute Astrophysics
25 Anshu Chatterjee ASI2015_528 Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics Time dependent model of middle aged Pulsar Wind Nebulae Poster
26 Anupam Bhardwaj ASI2015_569 Research Scholar On the Variation of Fourier Parameters for Galactic and LMC Cepheids at Optical, Near-Infrared and Mid-Infrared Wavelengths Oral
27 Arabindo Roy ASI2015_473 CEA, France The Line-mass Power Spectrum of Interstellar Filaments - A Possible Link to the IMF ? Oral
28 Archana Pai ASI2015_391 IISERTVM
29 Armando Arellano Ferro ASI2015_395 Institute of Astronomy, UNAM, Mexico CCD time-series photometry of Variable Stars in Globular Clusters and the metallicity dependence of Horizontal Branch structure Oral
30 Arnab Prakash Dey ASI2015_1019 NCRA
31 Arnab Rai Choudhuri ASI2015_1029 Indian Institute of Science
32 Arti Joshi ASI2015_693 ARIES, Nainital Paloma: Bridging the gap between Polars and Intermediate Polars Poster
33 Aru Beri ASI2015_553 IIT Ropar Temperature Measurement of Thermonuclear X-ray bursts using Broadband X-ray Observations with Beppo-SAX Poster
34 Arun Kumar Naidu ASI2015_624 NATIONAL CENTRE FOR RADIO ASTROPHYSICS Interesting nulling behaviour of PSR J1709-1640 Poster
35 Arun Mangalam ASI2015_750 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Relativistic Signatures in emission from inner regions of Black hole and neutron star systems Poster
36 Arunima Banerjee ASI2015_689 IUCAA A tilted dark matter halo: Signatures on the HI Rotation Curve and Scaleheight Data Poster
37 Aseem Paranjape ASI2015_540 IUCAA
38 Ashish Mishra ASI2015_768 ISRO
39 Ashutosh Bajpai ASI2015_524 TIFR Mumbai Bias estimation technique used for X-ray CCD of Soft X-ray telescope Poster
40 Aswathy S ASI2015_845 University of Calicut Analysis of optical counterparts of X-ray point sources in early type galaxies Poster
41 Atreyee Sinha ASI2015_422 TIFR, Mumbai Blazar Monitoring from the HAGAR Cherenkov telescope Oral
42 Atul Mohan ASI2015_1013 NCRA-TIFR
43 Avijeet Prasad ASI2015_807 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Topological properties of coronal fields derived from nonlinear force-free (NLFF) magnetic field solutions Oral
44 Avinash A. Deshpande ASI2015_537 Raman Research Institute, Bangalore
45 Avinash Surendran ASI2015_538 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Development of a Scalable Generic Platform for Adaptive Optics Real Time Control Poster
46 Avishek Kumar Basu ASI2015_944 NCRA-TIFR
47 Avyarthana Ghosh ASI2015_666 IISER Kolkata Performance Modelling of the Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope on-board Aditya-L1 Poster
48 Ayesha Anjum ASI2015_500 Christ University Model based study of active galactic nuclei in optical and UV bands Poster
49 B Eswar Reddy ASI2015_1022 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
50 B. V. N. Kapardhi ASI2015_637 BALLOON FACILITY OF TIFR An overview on Instrumentation used in scientific ballooning Poster
51 Bala R Iyer ASI2015_992 ICTS, TIFR, Bangalore
52 Balaji Iyer ASI2015_1005 Datta Meghe College of Engineering
53 BARI ASI2015_864 Kashmir University, Srinagar The Effect of X-ray Irradiation on the Time Dependent behavior of Accretion Disks with Stochastic Perturbations. Poster
54 Barun Kumar Pal ASI2015_697 IUCAA, Pune, India
55 Bhal Chandra Joshi ASI2015_596 NCRA-TIFR Radio study of TeV sources from new GMRT observations Poster
56 Bharat Bhushan Singh ASI2015_714 Tata Institute of Fundametal Research Observations of Crab nebula/pulsar with HAGAR telescope array Poster
57 Bharat Kumar Yerra ASI2015_583 National Astronomical Observatories of China Role of RGB Stars in Galactic Li Evolution: Connection between Li enrichment and mass-loss Oral
58 Bhaswati Mookerjea ASI2015_925 TIFR, Mumbai
59 Bhupendra Kumar Tiwari ASI2015_819 Deparment of Physics APS University Rewa M.P. Impact of Solar Variability on the Helioshphere and Cosmic Ray Modulation Poster
60 Bhupesh Saxena ASI2015_867 M.P. Council of Science and Technology, Bhopal Varahmihir Astronomical Observatory, Dongla, Ujjain Poster
61 BIJU KG ASI2015_429 WMO Arts & Science College, Muttil, Kerala.
62 Bilin Susan Varghese ASI2015_946 Mahatma Gandhi University
64 Biman B Nath ASI2015_959 Faculty, Raman Research Institute
65 Biny Sebastian ASI2015_1021 NCRA
66 Biswajeet Banerjee ASI2015_580 SAHA INSTITUTE OF NUCLEAR PHYSICS Fermi-LAT analysis of the variable source Mrk 421 from 2009 till 2010. Poster
67 Biswajit Paul ASI2015_665 Raman Research Institute
68 Brajesh Kumar ASI2015_549 ARIES, Nainital The upcoming 4-m International Liquid Mirror Telescope (ILMT) project Oral
69 C S Stalin ASI2015_767 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Narrow line Seyfert 1 galaxies: a new class of gamma-ray emitting AGN Poster
71 Chanda J. Jog ASI2015_994 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
72 Charitarth Vyas ASI2015_606 S.V.National Institute of Technology,Surat Tracking Cosmological cluster accretion onto clusters of galaxies by semi-expert e-astronomers of RAD@home Poster
73 D Narasimha ASI2015_635 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Gravitational Lensing as a probe of Ultraviolet and Infrared modifications of Gravity Oral
74 D. Jagadheep ASI2015_850 Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology Physical conditions of MYSOs through molecular spectroscopy Oral
75 Dada Pandurang Nade ASI2015_469 Assistant Professor Influence of the Milky Way Galaxy on nightglow OI 630 nm emission Poster
76 Debdutta Paul ASI2015_621 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Far-infrared spectroscopy of Orion protostars with Herschel/PACS: Protostellar evolution in diverse environments Poster
77 Deepak Bhong ASI2015_943 NCRA
78 Devendra K. Ojha ASI2015_359 TIFR
79 Devraj Pawar ASI2015_545 R. J. College, Mumbai 86 Optical Counterparts to ROSAT X-Ray Sources Poster
80 Dhanya Joseph ASI2015_824 University of Calicut Structural studies of early-type galaxies Poster
81 Dharam Vir Lal ASI2015_494 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics (TIFR) Inverse-Compton Emission from the Powerful High-Redshift Radio Galaxy, 3C270.1 Oral
82 Dhiraj Dedhia ASI2015_960 Tata Institute of Fundamenta Research
83 Dhrubaditya Mitra ASI2015_400 NORDITA, Stockholm
84 Dibyendu Nandi ASI2015_1046 CESSI, IISER Kolkata
85 Dinesh V. Raut ASI2015_1014 NCRA
86 Dipali Burud ASI2015_947 Shivaji University, Kolhapur
87 Dipankar Banerjee ASI2015_1012 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
88 Dipankar Bhattacharya ASI2015_667 IUCAA Coded Mask Imaging with the Astrosat CZT Imager Invited
89 Divakara Mayya ASI2015_1003 INAOE, Mexico
90 Divya Oberoi ASI2015_484 NCRA-TIFR First Murchison Widefield Array Observations of a Type II Solar Radio Burst Invited
91 Durgesh Tripathi ASI2015_710 IUCAA, Pune The Solar Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (SUIT) for Aditya-L1 mission Invited
92 Firoza K. Sutaria ASI2015_708 Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore. Type-II Supernovae in the local Universe. Poster
93 G.C. Anupama ASI2015_381 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
94 G.S.D. Babu ASI2015_455 M.P.Birla Institute of Fundamental Research, Banga ASTRONOMY EDUCATION BEYOND BASIC COURSES Poster
95 G.Selvarani ASI2015_389 Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai Multiwavelength analysis of a solar eruptive event occurred on 15th March 2013 Poster
96 Gajanan Dnyaneshwar Harale ASI2015_757 SP Pune University Forming galaxy clusters are the major source of cosmic neutrinos and ultra high energy particles Poster
97 Gajendra Pandey ASI2015_941 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
98 Gangadhar Chavan ASI2015_649 Shivaji University Effect of Magnetic Activity on Ionospheric Irregularity Poster
99 Gargi Shaw ASI2015_508 Centre for excellence in basic sciences, Mumbai Effect of metallicity and cosmic ray ionization rate on the 21 cm spin temperature. Oral
100 Gaurava Kumar Jaisawal ASI2015_525 Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad Timing and spectral studies of the high mass X-ray binary 4U 1700-37 with Suzaku Poster
101 Gayathri Raman ASI2015_683 Rama Research Institute SALT observation of X-ray pulse reprocessing in 4U 1626-67 Poster
102 Gireesh Chandra ASI2015_453 Kumaun University Spatial and dynamical properties of Open Star Clusters NGC 2099 and NGC 6866 Poster
103 Girish B. S. ASI2015_592 Raman Research Institute A New Generation Digital Receiver for the Murchison Wide-field Array Poster
104 Girjesh R. Gupta ASI2015_721 IUCAA, Pune Alfv\'en wave/turbulence in the off-limb solar corona Poster
105 Gopal Hazra ASI2015_890 IISc Bangalore Correlation between Decay Rate and Amplitude of Solar Cycles as Revealed from Observations and Dynamo Theory Poster
106 Gopal Krishna ASI2015_780 CBS Mumbai
107 Gordon K. Squires ASI2015_1049 TMT/Caltech
108 Gourav Banerjee ASI2015_898 M.Tech(Astronomy & Space Eng.), MIT, Manipal Univ.
109 Govind Swarup ASI2015_530 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, Pune
110 Gulab Chand Dewangan ASI2015_931 IUCAA
111 Gurpreet Kaur ASI2015_566 Panjab University,Chandigarh DIFFERENTIATION OF MARS DUE TO RADIOGENIC AND IMPACT HEATING Poster
112 H P Singh ASI2015_896 University of Delhi
113 H. M. Antia ASI2015_966 TIFR
114 Hajime Kita ASI2015_533 Tohoku Univ. Study on short-term variation mechanism of the Jovian radiation belt based on radio interferometer observations Oral
115 Hamsa Padmanabhan ASI2015_491 IUCAA, Pune Probing the universe : through reionization and later Oral
117 Haris M. K ASI2015_809 IISER TVM Aperture Synthesis in GW inspiral search Poster
118 Hemanth Pruthvi ASI2015_847 IIA A two-channel imaging system at White light Active Region Monitor (WARM) telescope at Kodaikanal observatory: Design, development and preliminary resu Poster
119 Hiray Manish Sharad ASI2015_986 UNIVERSITY OF PUNE
120 Honey M ASI2015_567 IIA, BANGALORE Secular evolution in barred Low Surface Brightness Galaxies Oral
121 Induja M S ASI2015_837 RADIO ASTRONOMY CENTRE, NCRA-TIFR, OOTY Steadily Declining Activity During Solar Cycles 22-24 and its Consequences on the Propagation of Coronal Mass Ejections in the Inner Heliosphere. Poster
122 Ishwara Chandra CH ASI2015_372 NCRA-TIFR Deep Radio Surveys at 325 MHz with GMRT Poster
123 J S Yadav ASI2015_756 TIFR, Mumbai Calibration of LAXPC instrument onboard ASTROSAT Oral
124 Jai Verdhan Chauhan ASI2015_985 TIFR Mumbai
125 Janesse Brewer ASI2015_1061 TMT, 23.4 Degrees
126 Jayanti Prasad ASI2015_560 IUCAA Revisiting cosmological parameter estimation Poster
127 Jayaram N Chengalur ASI2015_967 NCRA-TIFR
128 Jeewan Chandra Pandey ASI2015_392 ARIES X-ray flares on two active stars pi1 UMa and 47 Cas Poster
129 Jeff Wagg ASI2015_1006 SKA organisation
130 Jishnu Bhattacharya ASI2015_806 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Frequency shifts of resonant modes of the Sun due to near-surface convective scattering Oral
131 Jitendra Pralhad Kodilkar ASI2015_799 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Characterization of a new 15-m radio telescope at NCRA Poster
132 Joe Jacob ASI2015_836 Newman College, Thodupuzha
133 Joe Philip Ninan ASI2015_493 TIFR, Mumbai V899 Mon (IRAS 06068-0641): A unique outburst source in the family of FUOrs/EXors Poster
134 Jogadand Sharada Keshav ASI2015_488 Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University Nanded X-ray Binary Population in an edge-on lenticular galaxy NGC1332 Poster
135 Joydeep Bagchi ASI2015_1052 IUCAA
136 Jyotirmay Paul ASI2015_614 IUCAA Performance Analysis of iRobo-AO system and Laboratory calibration unit Oral
137 K P Singh ASI2015_636 T.I.F.R.
138 K S Dwarakanath ASI2015_965 Raman Research Institute
139 K. Chenna Reddy ASI2015_594 Dept. of Astronomy, Osmania University, Hyderabad Meteoroid fragmentation as observed from the Gadanki MST radar Poster
140 K. Sasikumar Raja ASI2015_489 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Design and performance study of a meter wavelength narrow band cross-polarized log-periodic dipole antenna to observe the polarized radio emission Oral
141 K. Sriram ASI2015_659 Department of Astronomy, Osmania University CCD photometric study of the contact binary KP 301148 Poster
142 Kallol Mukerjee ASI2015_671 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai Ground Calibration and Creation of calibration database for Soft X-ray telescope of Astrosat mission Oral
143 Kanak Saha ASI2015_633 IUCAA Is there a classical bulge in our Milky Way? Invited
144 Kanan K. Datta ASI2015_379 Presidency University, Kolkata
145 Kandaswamy Subramanian ASI2015_557 IUCAA
146 Kanhaiya Lal Pandey ASI2015_838 NCRA-TIFR Pune Reionization constraints on primordial magnetic fields Oral
147 Kanti R. Jotania ASI2015_419 M. S. University, Baroda
148 Kartick Chandra Sarkar ASI2015_662 SRF, Raman Research Institute, Bangalore. Effect of hot halo gas on supernovae driven outflows Poster
149 Katherine Rawlins ASI2015_463 UM-DAE Centre for Excellence in Basic Sciences Physical conditions for two high redshifted damped Lyman alpha systems, DLAs at zabs = 2.3377 and zabs = 2.41837 Poster
150 Kaushal Buch ASI2015_657 GMRT, NCRA-TIFR Real-time Radio Frequency Interference Mitigation for the GMRT Wide-band Digital Backend Poster
151 Kaushal Sharma ASI2015_599 Department of Phy. & Astrophysics, Univ. of Delhi Validating stellar population models resolved in chemical abundances Poster
152 Kaustubh Rajwade ASI2015_706 West Virginia University Probing nulling in milli second pulsars with the GMRT Poster
153 Kaustubh Vaghmare ASI2015_502 IUCAA, Pune Where do S0 Galaxies Fit in the Overall Picture of Galaxy Formation and Evolution? Oral
154 Kiran Lakhchaura ASI2015_1058 Indian Institute of Science
155 Kiran S Baliyan ASI2015_527 Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad Signature of the precession of relativistic jet in blazars Poster
156 Kishalay De ASI2015_554 IISc, Bangalore A Real-time Coherent Dedispersion Pipeline for the GMRT Poster
157 Kishore ASI2015_471 Indian Institute of Astrophysics A low frequency radio spectropolarimeter for observations of the solar corona Poster
158 Koshy George ASI2015_668 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Mini-study on the optimization of acquistion sequence , guiding and wave front sensing of MOBIE Invited
159 Krishna Kumar Pandey ASI2015_609 Osmania University Hyderabad Cyclic evolution and north-south asymmetry of soft X-ray flare index during solar cycles 21, 22, and 23 Poster
160 Krishna Prasad S. ASI2015_610 Queen's University Belfast Spectroscopic studies of coronal structures using ground- and space-based data Oral
161 Krishnakumar M.A ASI2015_833 Radio Astronomy Centre, NCRA-TIFR, Ooty Scatter broadening measurements of 124 pulsars at 327 MHz Poster
162 Kudale Sanjay S. ASI2015_1062 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics
163 Kumar Venkataramani ASI2015_762 Junior Research Fellow The Comet C/2013A1(Siding Spring) and Mars Poster
164 Kunjal Maheshkumar Dave ASI2015_726 C. U. Shah University, Wadhawan, Surendranagar, Gujarat Statistical Study of Space Weather Events with Geomagnetic Storm in Various Phases of Solar Cycle Poster
165 Lab Saha ASI2015_661 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Radiative recombination structures in galactic supernova remnants Oral
166 Lalitha Sairam ASI2015_696 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Outer atmospheres of HD 155555 system Poster
167 Lijo T George ASI2015_579 Raman Research Institute MWA Observations of the galaxy cluster Abell 3376 Poster
168 M.Syed Ibrahim ASI2015_385 Madurai Kamaraj University Geo-effective solar eruptive events observed during the period 2007-2013 Poster
169 Madhuri Gaikwad ASI2015_781 University of Pune
170 Madhusudan Ingale ASI2015_758 IISER, Pune Amplitude of Density Turbulence in the Solar Corona Poster
171 Maheswar Gopinathan ASI2015_1009 Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences
172 Main Pal ASI2015_518 IUCAA Variations in the broadband X-ray continuum and Fe-K absorptions in NGC 3516 Poster
173 Mamta Gulati ASI2015_526 IISER-Mohali A study of slow modes in Keplerian discs. Oral
174 Mamta Pandey Pommier ASI2015_441 CRAL-l Non-thermal emission in Galaxy clusters at high redshift range (z>0.3) Poster
175 Manashee Adhikary ASI2015_875 Gauhati University Quantification of Correlation between the Solar Activity during Solar Cycle and the Terrestrial Environment through Wavelet Transformation Poster
176 Manoj Puravankara ASI2015_522 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Herschel spectral mapping of the OMC-2 region: spatial distribution and excitation conditions of the shocked gas in outflows from protostars Poster
177 Manojendu Choudhury ASI2015_457 Um-DAER Centre For Excellence in Basic Sciences Low Freuquency Radio Detection of Unidentified Gamma-ray Source Poster
178 Margarita Safonova ASI2015_363 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Age aspects of habitability Poster
179 Mayukh Pahari ASI2015_517 IUCAA Correlated study among time lag, energy and rms spectral properties across superluminal Radio jets in Black hole X-ray binaries Poster
180 Mayukh Panja ASI2015_953 CESSI, IISER Kolkata
181 Mayuresh Surnis ASI2015_523 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, Pune PSR J1839+1523: an intermittent pulsar with unpulsed radio emission Poster
182 Md Shah Alam ASI2015_509 Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Simultaneous Appearance of Millihertz QPO and Broad Iron Line from Black Hole Binary System LMC X-1 Poster
183 Mihir Sanjay Kulkarni ASI2015_1004 NCRA-TIFR, Pune
184 Miral Bhatt ASI2015_739 C.U. Shah University, Wadhawan, Surendranagar,Gujarat Study of Geoeffective Storms and its Solar Connections using Spacecraft data Poster
185 Mousumi Das ASI2015_581 Indian Insitute of Astrophysics The Dark Matter Content of the Bulgeless Galaxies NGC4701 and NGC4775 and its Implications for Disk Evolution Poster
186 Mridusmita Buragohain ASI2015_402 TEZPUR UNIVERSITY Theoretical study of interstellar deuteronated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons Poster
187 Nagamani P. ASI2015_713 Osmania University, hyderabad. "Luminosity Decomposition profiles of pairs of spiral galaxies" Poster
188 Nagendra Kumar ASI2015_842 IUCAA Rapid variability in NS LMXBs and the thermal Comptonization process. Poster
189 Nagendra Neerudu ASI2015_417 TIFR BALLOON FACILITY,HYDERABAD Development of high altitude balloons for scientific applications Oral
190 Nandita Lahkar ASI2015_816 G.I.M.T., Guwahati Synthesis of Li and B in SN II progenitors with the help of neutrinos. Poster
191 Nandita Srivastava ASI2015_826 Udaipur Solar Observatory, PRL CME -CME interaction: Kinematics & Consequences Invited
192 Narendra Nath Patra ASI2015_602 NCRA-TIFR Modeling HI distribution and kinematics in the edge-on dwarf irregular galaxy KK250 Oral
193 Naseer Iqbal ASI2015_747 University of Kashmir Srinagar The Entropy of Cosmological Many Body Problem and its Behavior Poster
195 Naveen Yadav ASI2015_1016 IISc
196 Navpreet Kaur ASI2015_770 PRL Spectral Modeling of blazar CGRaBS J0211+1051 Poster
197 Nayana A. J. ASI2015_1000 NCRA -TIFR
198 Nazma Islam ASI2015_600 Raman Research Institute, Bangalore Long term averaged and composite spectrum of X-ray binaries Poster
199 Neeraj Gupta ASI2015_818 IUCAA
200 Neha Sharma ASI2015_404 ARIES, NAINITAL Preliminary optical design of Wi-Fi Pol (Wide Field Polarimeter) for 1.3m Telescope. Poster
201 Nilesh Sadashiv Raskar ASI2015_576 GMRT-TIFR
202 Nilkanth Vagshette ASI2015_541 IUCAA, Pune Heating and cooling mechanism in cool core cluster Zwcl 2701 Poster
203 Nimisha G. Kantharia ASI2015_664 NCRA-TIFR Evolution of radio emission at GMRT frequencies from the recurrent nova system V745 Scorpii Oral
204 Nirmal K ASI2015_632 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Pointing System for Balloon Borne Telescope. Poster
205 Niruj Mohan Ramanujam ASI2015_686 NCRA-TIFR A Fully Real-time Pipeline at the GMRT for Detection of Fast Transients Oral
206 Nishtha Sachdeva ASI2015_588 Indian institute of Science education and Research CONSTRAINING NEAR-EARTH MHD TURBULENCE LEVELS USING FORBUSH DECREASE PRECURSORS Oral
207 Nissim Kanekar ASI2015_1036 National Centre for Radio Astrophysics The Nature of High-redshift Damped Lyman-alpha Systems Oral
208 Nithin Mohan ASI2015_570 Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, ISRO, Trivandrum Radio Observation of Venus at Meter Wavelengths using the GMRT Oral
209 Omkar Kantikumar Nikam ASI2015_1057 Fergusson College
210 Omkar Suresh Bait ASI2015_1028 NCRA
211 Onkar Bharat Gurav ASI2015_969 Shivaji University Kolhapur
212 P K Manoharan ASI2015_996 RAC-NCRA-TIFR
213 P Sreekumar ASI2015_865 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Study of lunar surface chemistry using Swept Charge Devices Poster
214 P. K. Mahesh ASI2015_734 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Manufacture of prototypes of the Segment Support Assembly of the Thirty Meter Telescope in India-Challenges and Solutions Poster
215 P. Vemareddy ASI2015_872 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Investigation of Initiation Mechanism of a Flux Rope Eruption Process: SDO Observations Poster
216 Padmakar Singh Parihar ASI2015_663 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Exploring the disk accretion in young stellar object DF Tau Poster
217 Pallab jyoti Kakoti ASI2015_787 Gauhati University Simulation of Hydrodynamical Model using NIRVANA Poster
218 Pallavi Bhat ASI2015_658 IUCAA,Pune Fluctuation dynamos: theory, simulations and observational consequences. Poster
219 Pankaj Kushwaha ASI2015_563 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Understanding High Energy Emission from 3C 454.3 Poster
220 Parameswaran Ajith ASI2015_1034 ICTS-TIFR
221 Paul K T ASI2015_408 Christ University
222 Philip Diamond ASI2015_1044 SKA Organisation
223 Poonam Chandra ASI2015_928 NCRA-TIFR
224 Prabhakar Tiwari ASI2015_516 Technion -Israel Institute of Technology Observations of Large Scale Anisotropy and Cosmological Models Oral
225 Pradeep Kumar Kayshap ASI2015_990 IUCAA
226 Pragati Pradhan ASI2015_585 North Bengal University & St Joseph's College Broadband properties of accretion powered X-ray pulsars: a study with Suzaku Oral
227 Prahlad Epili ASI2015_628 Physical Research Laboratory Suzaku observations of KS 1947+300 during an X-ray outburst Poster
228 Prajval Shastri ASI2015_905 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Search for IMBHs from Microlensing in Globular Clusters Poster
229 Prakash Suryakant Gaikwad ASI2015_479 NATIONAL CENTRE FOR RADIO ASTROPHYSICS Signatures of Helium reionization in Quasar Absorption Spectra Poster
230 Prakriti Pal Choudhury ASI2015_677 Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Numerical global eigenmode analysis of thermal instability in the intracluster medium Poster
231 Pramod G Galgali ASI2015_744 Bangalore Association for Science Education Outreach Effort: 'India's march to Mars' Poster
232 Pramod G. Musrif ASI2015_984 AISSM
233 Pramod Kumar ASI2015_387 Jagan Nath University, Jaipur X-ray emission characteristics of a solar flare observed on 05 April 2004 Poster
234 Pramod Pawar ASI2015_451 SRTM University, Nanded X-ray and Optical/UV variability of NLS1 1H0707-495 Poster
235 Pranita Das ASI2015_783 Dept. of Physics,Pandu College, Gauhati University Dark Matter annihilation as a source of energy Poster
236 Prantika Bhowmik ASI2015_952 CESSI, IISER Kolkata
237 Prasad Basu ASI2015_1026 National Institute of Technology, Sikkim
238 Prasad Subramanian ASI2015_682 IISER Pune "Blobs" in blazar jets: what are they, really? Oral
239 Prasanna Deshmukh ASI2015_464 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Dynamic loading assembly for performance testing of Segmented Mirror Telescope Actuators. Poster
240 Prasanta Bera ASI2015_640 Research Scholar Mass–radius relation of strongly magnetized white dwarfs: nearly independent of Landau quantization Oral
241 Prashanth Mohan ASI2015_547 ARIES, Nainital Models of Observational Signatures of Black Holes Oral
242 Prasun Dutta ASI2015_894 IISER BHOPAL The Bispectrum Way Poster
243 Prathamesh Tamhane ASI2015_687 National Center for Radio Astrophysics, Pune. Extended diffuse X-ray emission associated with lobes of a high redshift giant radio galaxy Poster
244 Pratik Dabhade ASI2015_411 University of Pune Discovery of 10 Giant radio galaxies Poster
245 Pratik Majumdar ASI2015_995 Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
247 Preeti Kharb ASI2015_604 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Clues about Jet formation and Propagation from Multi-wavelength Observations of Intermediate Quasars Oral
248 Preetish Kumar Mishra ASI2015_1002 NCRA -TIFR
249 Prerak ASI2015_679 IUCAA
250 Prithvi Raj Singh ASI2015_442 A.P.S.UNIVERSITY REWA M.P. Variation of odd-even solar cycle’s and their effect on earth’s climate Poster
251 Priya Hasan ASI2015_520 Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad (MANUU) Photometric Studies of NGC 6631 and Mayer 3 Poster
252 Priya T G ASI2015_597 National Astronomical Observatories of China Increase in amplitude of QPDs with height in the polar corona Poster
253 Priyanka Chaturvedi ASI2015_645 Physical Research Laboratory Title: Estimation of spectroscopic parameters of host stars in eclipsing binary systems from PARAS Poster
254 Priyanka Singh ASI2015_529 Raman Research Institute CMB distortion from circumgalactic gas Oral
255 R. Ramesh ASI2015_1033 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
256 R.C. Rannot ASI2015_961 BARC
257 Raghunath Ghara ASI2015_616 NCRA 21 cm signal from cosmic dawn Oral
258 Raghunathan Srianand ASI2015_988 IUCAA
259 Rahna P T ASI2015_582 Christ university Analysis of SEDs of dust lane spheroidal galaxies using CIGALE Poster
260 Rajaram Nityananda ASI2015_1017 Azim Premji University, Bangalore
261 Rajbir Kaur ASI2015_871 Amity Institute of Applied Sciences, Amity University Whistler-mode Instability in Presence of Parallel Electric Field in Magnetosphere of Uranus Oral
262 Rajeshwari Dutta ASI2015_435 IUCAA Cold HI 21-cm Absorption Line Survey Poster
263 Rajiv Kumar ASI2015_512 ARIES, Nainital Dissipative advective accretion disc with variable adiabatic index around black holes Poster
264 Rakesh Mazumder ASI2015_445 CESSI Signature of oscillation in Solar on disk Plume using IRIS Poster
265 Ramadevi M C ASI2015_775 ISRO
266 Ramesh Bhat ASI2015_1039 ICRAR, Curtin University
267 Ramesh Chandra ASI2015_364 Kumaun University, Nainital
268 Ramya M Anche ASI2015_825 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Polarization properties of the 2011 outburst of the recurrent nova T Pyxidis Poster
269 Ranjan Gupta ASI2015_370 IUCAA
270 Ranjeev Misra ASI2015_924 IUCAA
271 Rathnasree Nandivada ASI2015_1064 Nehru planetarium, New Delhi
272 Ravishankar B T ASI2015_754 ISRO Satellite Centre, Bangalore Ground tests with SSM: Data Processing, Imaging aspects Oral
273 Reju Sam John ASI2015_535 Pondicherry University Evolution of the energy distribution in the Intracluster Medium during large scale structure formation Poster
274 Resmi Lekshmi ASI2015_892 IIST Multiband modeling of GRB081007 afterglow Poster
275 Rohit Sharma ASI2015_595 NCRA-TIFR Characterising non-thermal emission features in the MWA solar dynamic spectra. Poster
276 Rulee Baruah ASI2015_691 HRH The Prince of Wales Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jorhat, Assam BETA DECAY RATES OF SUPERHEAVY ELEMENTS IN EXPLOSIVE ASTROPHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT Poster
277 Rupal Basak ASI2015_572 Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center,Warsaw The prompt emission of gamma-ray bursts: signature of the thermal component Oral
278 Ruta Kale ASI2015_510 NCRA-TIFR Probing cluster and super-cluster scale radio emission with the Murchison Widefield Array Oral
279 S Harshavardhan Reddy ASI2015_655 GMRT-NCRA-TIFR Backend system development for uGMRT Poster
280 S N Katore ASI2015_745 NCRA
281 S. Ananthakrishnan ASI2015_1053 Electronic Science, Savitribhai Phule Pune Univers
282 Sabyasachi Chattopadhyay ASI2015_577 IUCAA IFU Deployment Algorithm for 3.6m Devasthal Optical Telescope Integral Field Spectrograph Poster
283 Sachin Shankar Sherkar ASI2015_556 NCRA Statistical testing of the long term stability of the new GMRT Wideband Backend Poster
284 Sachindra Naik ASI2015_394 Physical Research Laboratory Be/X-ray Binary Pulsar EXO 2030+375 with Suzaku Poster
285 Samir Dhurde ASI2015_1043 Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophy
286 Sangeetha C R ASI2015_840 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Hemispherical dependence of solar small-scale kinetic and magnetic helicities Poster
288 Sanket Jayvantbhai Kotak ASI2015_651 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Science data analysis technique for Soft X-ray Telescope of Astrosat Poster
289 Santosh Joshi ASI2015_939 ARIES, Manora Peak, Nainital
290 Santosh Vadawale ASI2015_735 Physical Research Laboratory Hard X-ray polarimetry with Astrosat-CZTI Poster
291 Sarita Vig ASI2015_926 IIST
292 Sarma Modali ASI2015_361 S M Resources Corporation
293 Satya Ranjan Behera ASI2015_501 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Performance analysis of wavefront compensation at various light intensity and noise level condition in an closed loop Adaptive Optics system Poster
294 Saurabh Deshpande ASI2015_699 SB JAIN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
295 Saurabh Singh ASI2015_673 Raman Research Institute Precision receiver for detection of redshifted 21cm signal from the Epoch of Reionization Poster
296 Savithri H. Ezhikode ASI2015_607 St. Thomas College, Kozhencherry, Kerala UV and X-ray Correlations of the NLS1 galaxy Ark 564 Poster
297 Seema Pande ASI2015_876 MB Govt. P.G. College Haldwani, Kumaun University Statistical study of different solar activity features with total column ozone at two hill stations of Uttarakhand Poster
298 Shah Parag B. ASI2015_962 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
299 Shaikh Shabbir Isak ASI2015_811 IUCAA, Pune.
300 Shashikiran Ganesh ASI2015_584 Physical Research Laboratory EMCCD based Imaging polarimeter for 1.2m Mt Abu telescope. Oral
301 Sheelu Abraham ASI2015_598 St. Thomas College, Kozhencheri, Kerala Photometric Redshifts of Quasars from SDSS Poster
302 Shilpa Shantaram Dubal ASI2015_555 NCRA A Database of Phase Calibrators for the GMRT Poster
303 Shishir Sankhyayan ASI2015_587 IISER, Pune Extremely Large Scale Structures in Galaxies Redshift Surveys Poster
304 Shiv Sethi ASI2015_1055 Raman Research Institute
305 Shivprasad Vaijanathrao Shinde ASI2015_987 Government College of Engineering, Amravati
306 Shrishail Raut ASI2015_443 Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University
307 Shruthi S Bhat ASI2015_406 Christ University Spectroscopic study of Classical Be Stars: 4 Her and 88 Her Poster
308 Shubhajit Mondal ASI2015_909 IIEST,Shibpur
309 Shubham Srivastav ASI2015_724 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Optical and NIR observations of nearby supernova SN 2014J Poster
310 Shweta Srivastava ASI2015_450 PHYSICAL RESEARCH LABORATORY (PRL) A 2D view of nearby Wolf-Rayet galaxies Poster
311 Sindhu N ASI2015_511 VIT University Simulations of old open clusters for UVIT on ASTROSAT Poster
312 Singam Srikanth Panini ASI2015_893 Indian Institute of Astrophysics X-ray reflection optics : Revisiting multilayer normal incidence optics for soft x-ray studies. Poster
313 Sivarani ASI2015_870 Indian Institute of Astrophysics TMT-MOBIE: MCS (Metrology, Calibration and Simulation) Ministudy Poster
314 Sk Javed Rana ASI2015_772 IUCAA Electromagnetic Counterpart follow up of a Gravitational Wave (GW) source
315 Soma Mandal ASI2015_413 Taki Government College Energy dependence of r.m.s amplitude of low frequency noise and kHz Quasi periodic oscillations in 4U 1608-52 Poster
316 Somak Raychaudhury ASI2015_1051 Presidency University, Kolkata
317 Sonali Sachdeva ASI2015_586 University of Delhi Evolution of bulges in disc galaxies Poster
318 Sonkamble Satish Shripati ASI2015_477 SRTM University, Nanded \title{AGN Feedback in strong cool core cluster Abell 2390} Poster
319 Soumak Banerjee ASI2015_920 IIEST,Shibpur
320 Soumitra Hazra ASI2015_504 IISER-KOLKATA Can Flux Transport Solar Dynamo Models Function with a Shallow Meridional Flow? Oral
321 Soumyajit Hazra ASI2015_930 IIEST,Shibpur
322 Sourabh Paul ASI2015_654 Raman Research Institute, Bangalore Study of the 21 cm Epoch of reionization and foregrounds with Murchison Widefield Array. Oral
323 Sowmya Krishnamurthy ASI2015_720 Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru Influence of Paschen-Back effect on atomic spectral line polarization Oral
324 Sree Vani Jarugula ASI2015_1048 IISER, Pune
325 Sriram ASI2015_1056 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Ground calibration of the UVIT Oral
326 Subhabrata Majumdar ASI2015_906 TIFR
327 Subhash Bose ASI2015_652 ARIES Optical characterization of supernova 2013ej Poster
328 Subhashis Roy ASI2015_1031 NCRA-TIFR
329 Sudip Bhattacharyya ASI2015_932 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
330 Sudipta Choudhury ASI2015_910 IIEST,Shibpur
331 Sujan Sengupta ASI2015_779 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Upper Limit on Extreme-Ultraviolet Luminosity of Stars Hosting Habitable Planets. Oral
332 Sujay Mate ASI2015_1025 IISER Pune
333 Sumanta Chakraborty ASI2015_591 IUCAA Evolution of Spacetime arises due to the departure from Holographic Equipartition in all Lanczos-Lovelock Theories of Gravity Oral
334 Sunil Chandra ASI2015_475 PRL Ahmedabad, *currently at TIFR Multi-wavelength Study of Variability in Blazars Oral
335 Supravika ASI2015_788 Raman Resrarch Institute Development of planar fat sinusoidal tooth structure Poster
336 Supriya Hebbur Dayananda ASI2015_719 Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru 1-D modeling of the Center-to-limb variation of the Stokes profiles of the Ca I 4227 A line Poster
337 Supriyo Ghosh ASI2015_568 S. N. Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences Phase dependent spectro-photometric studies of a new Mira variable MASTER Optical Transient J212444.87+321738.3 Oral
338 Suraj ASI2015_717 Asst. prof. Study of signal strength of cosmic radio noise using riometers Poster
339 Surajit Paul ASI2015_751 Department of Physics, SP Pune University Galaxy Cluster merger blast wave, an engine of Cosmic Ray production Poster
340 Susanta Kumar Bisoi ASI2015_725 Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad A possibility of an impending grand solar minimum: solar, solar wind and ionospheric signatures
341 Sushan Konar ASI2015_376 NCRA-TIFR, Pune Nuling Radio Pulsars : A Statistical Study Poster
342 Sushma Kurapati ASI2015_1015 NCRA - TIFR
343 Suvodip Mukherjee ASI2015_492 IUCAA Imprint of Isotropy Violated Gravitational Wave Background in CMB Poster
344 Swarna K Ghosh ASI2015_1024 NCRA-TIFR, Pune
345 T Mageshwaran ASI2015_804 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Stellar dynamics around BHs and it observational implications for quiescent galaxies Oral
346 Tabasum ASI2015_449 Department of physics, Kashmir university, Srinagar Evidence of Cosmic event 1054 Supernoava in Space Poster
347 Tanmoy Chattopadhyay ASI2015_703 Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad Development of a Hard X-ray Focal Plane Compton Polarimeter Poster
348 Tanmoy Samanta ASI2015_412 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Study of the wave propagation and reflection in the Solar atmosphere using multi-wavelength observations Poster
349 Tanvir Hussain ASI2015_367 Tezpur University HST/COS detection of a Ne VIII absorber towards PG 1407+265: An unambiguous tracer of collisionally ionized hot gas? Poster
350 Tapas Baug ASI2015_458 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research Multi-wavelength study of the star-forming region Sh-138. Poster
351 Tarun Bangia ASI2015_712 ARIES, Nainital Material Handling Systems for 3.6m Telescope Enclosure at Devasthal, Nainital. Poster
352 Tarun Kumar Sarma ASI2015_660 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF ASTROPHYSICS A Direct Dive based Telescope for MASS-DIMM Instrument Poster
353 Tilak Katoch ASI2015_803 TIFR, MUMBAI
354 Tirthankar Roy Choudhury ASI2015_440 NCRA-TIFR, Pune
355 Tomin K James ASI2015_531 IISER Pune Energy Budget in Quiet Sun Electron Accleration Events Poster
356 TV Venkateswaran ASI2015_503 Vigyan Prasar Raghunathachari and his 'scientific' panchanks Poster
357 U. S. Kamath ASI2015_975 Indian Institute of Astrophysics
358 Udaya Shankar. N ASI2015_970 Raman Resarch Institute
359 Upendra Kumar Singh Kushwaha ASI2015_551 Udaipur Solar Observatory, PRL, Udaipur Large-scale implosion in coronal loops during the pre-flare phase of an M6.2 flare and associated failed eruption of a filament Oral
360 Vaibhav Pant ASI2015_853 Indian Institute of Astrophysics TRANSVERSE OSCILLATIONS IN CORONAL RAIN Poster
361 Vaidehi S. Paliya ASI2015_716 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Blazars in the Early Universe Poster
362 Varun ASI2015_940 Raman Research Institute
363 Varun Bhalerao ASI2015_736 IUCAA The overall characteristics of the CZT-Imager Oral
364 Varun Kumar ASI2015_732 Indian Institute of Astrophysics Edge Sensor for Segmented Mirror Telescope Poster
365 Veeresh Singh ASI2015_622 Astrophysics and Cosmology Research Unit, UKZN,SA Rare examples of radio galaxies hosted in spiral-like hosts Poster
366 Vineeth Valsan ASI2015_791 Post Doctoral Fellow Validating the warping theory of Stressed Mirror Polishing for TMT segments Poster
367 Viral Parekh ASI2015_797 Raman Research Institute
368 Vishal Joshi ASI2015_715 IUCAA Detection of strong shock wave during the 2014 outburst of recurrent nova V745 Sco Oral
369 Visweshwar Ram Marthi ASI2015_1023 NCRA-TIFR
370 Yashwant Gupta ASI2015_589 NCRA - TIFR The GMRT : Current Status and Future Prospects Oral
371 Yogesh Maan ASI2015_447 NCRA, Pune A Search for Giant Pulses from Millisecond and Young Pulsars Poster
372 Yogesh Wadadekar ASI2015_448 NCRA-TIFR Radio-FIR correlation in blue-cloud galaxies with $z < 1$ Poster

Note that at this time contributed presentations are only listed under the "Title" column

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